Rapid Roller Doors

Rapid Roller Doors

Rapid Roller Door Range


SMART – Standard Rapid Roll-Up with Interchangeable Section Curtain

Smart has been designed with the aim of developing a rapid roller door that is highly rational and modular, to ensure easier installation and trouble-free operation on components parts.

A sturdy and compact supporting structure, original DITEC motorisation and components, excellent design and full testing along with curtain modularity; these are the features that make Smart a reliable door, with a very refined appearance but, above all,e easy and quick to fit and practical to service and inspect.


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Automatic Rapid Roller Door


Maximum functionality with the special self-repairing system

Ditec Smart Reset offers something unique in its product class: the special and innovative system that makes the door self repairable. With a simple and automatic opening and closing manoeuvre, the curtain can be retrieved if it accidentally slips out of its housing:

After contact with an object, the door resets the first time it is opened.

Industrial Rapid Roller Door

High Speed Rapid Roller Door


Counterweight balanced and interchangeable-section, high-speed roll-up door

Sector is the most rational and reliable version among interchangeable-section high-speed roll-up doors.

Rugged, compact and technologically advanced, it is equipped with a modular counterweight balancing system which enables a high standard of use and safety.


commercial rapid Roller Door

Heavy Use Rapid Roller Door


Sturdy and reliable, for a very heavy use

The Ditec Sector Reset door is characterised by a sturdy and compact free-standing structure, by a front motor with black ABS protective cover in an exclusive design, easily and quickly accessible for quick checks on the components.
The motor features an optional release device for a semi-automatic emergency reopening system, which can be made completely automatic with the APS system.


Rapid Fold Up Door

Large Entrance Rapid Roller Doors


High-speed fold-up door with modular sections, Sturdy, dependable and modular… the ideal solution for medium and large entrances. Fast-moving, functional and reliable doors are what is needed in industrial and commercial contexts. Traffic high-speed fold-up doors are versatile and solid, ensuring long-lasting reliability.



  • Reliable balancing due to modular counterweights
  • Safety rib with immediate change of direction with ACS (Anti Crush System)
  • Emergency Release
  • Three phase motor for intensive use
  • Protects rooms from extreme climatic conditions and noise



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