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Where do you supply?

ABA supplies electric gates and other access control solutions to homes and businesses to greater Sydney. We also distribute our products Australia-wide.

What kind of automatic openers do you stock?

For external residential applications, we stock a wide range of DITEC automatic sliding and swing gate operators and quality ET garage door operators. We also supply a wide range of rapid roller doors and automatic shop front doors for industrial and commercial applications.

All models come with their own automation accessories.

What kind of accessories do you have?

We stock a comprehensive range of automation and gate accessories including electric gate openers, digital keypads, tracks, wheels, stops, caps, hinges and more. For a full list of accessories, see our accessories page.

What brands do you install?

ABA stocks DITEC, ET DOORS, Combi Arialdo and other leading brands.

Do your electric entrances SYSTEMS and garage door MOTORS have warranties?

Yes, most of our products carry a 2 year warranty. ABA also installs and repairs your automatic entrances, and all of our on-site work is guaranteed.

How much will it cost?

Costs will vary depending on the size of your automated entrance, what application it’ll be used for, and which accessories you require. For a quote, please call us on (02) 9674 5544 or email us.

When should I opt for cantilever gates?

Many people associate automatic gates with wheels. Cantilever gates are an alternative system, where the entrance is held in place by 2 carriages. No tracks are required.

hat's the better access control option for me, boom gates or another kind of electric gate?

Boom gates are an excellent choice for those wanting to control traffic, while electric gates like swing gates and rapid roller doors are best for prohibiting unwanted pedestrian as well as vehicular traffic.

What brand of garage doors do you carry?

We carry garage doors from DITEC and (ET Door). We have garage doors for both residential and commercial use.

If I have my industrial or commercial site to protect, what options do I have for electric gate openers?

You have several options to choose from. Our ProxLock automatic gate openers are a standalone solution, where individuals may gain access by swiping a tag across the unit. Up to 2000 tags may be stored at any one time.

If you prefer a keypad solution, we carry the W1 system, a vandal-resistant unit that accepts up to 2000 users and provides entry by using PIN codes and/or proximity cards.

What regulations apply to automatic doors in Australia?

The following Australian regulations are applicable to automatic access control:

  • Australian Standard AS5007 “Powered doors for pedestrian access and egress”.
  • Australian Standard AS1428 “Design for access and mobility, Part 1”.
  • The Building Code of Australia (BCA), clauses D2.19 and D.2.21.
  • The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), which refers to the BCA and AS1428.

How often should my automatic entrance be maintained?

Australian Standard AS5007 requires your automatic entrance to be inspected and maintained at least every four months. The building owner or agent is responsible for your automatic entrances’ maintenance and operation. (Applicable to shopfront doors only)

These requirements should be adhered to, or accidents may occur due to electrical or mechanical failure, for which the building owner may be liable.

Regarding other forms of automation, it is advised to service at regular intervals, depending on duty cycle (daily operation).

If you can’t find the answers to your questions below, please call us on (02) 9674 5544 or email us.

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