Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional Garage Doors

ABA supply and fit sectional garage doors for residential and commercial property owners.

The sectional garage door is typically made from horizontal sections which are bracketed and hinged with rollers at the side to allow them to run on tracks fitted to the inside of the opening of the garage space.

The vertical rising enables the full driveway space to be functional, allowing parking close to the garage. This is very useful if the length of the driveway is restricted or the shape of the garage opening is circular as in an arch form.

Timber as a material for a sectional garage door provides the possibility to create any specific design to suit the style and type of property When treated and secified correctly, they will give numerous years of superb looks and function.

ET-800E Motor for Sectional Doors


The ET-800E provides the best solution for performance, features, reliability and durability.
▪ Metal base for added strength and durability, with a galvanised steel plate of 2mm thickness
▪ Internal Interface for ease of adding accessories
▪ LED light – Maximum illumination, longevity and low energy consumption
▪ O/S/C button providing easy operation in case of lost remote

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