Automatic Entrance Safety Lights


Safety & Warning Lights For Your Entrance



Ditec Flashing Light

The Ditec Lamp flashing lights warns when each automation is moving.
Their smart design makes them suitable for any type of modern or traditional frame.

  • Flashing Light 240V with built-in intermittence circuit

  • Prastel Flashing Light

    FEBO-LED “all in one” flashing light (multi-voltage 12/24/220V) may emit fixed or flashing light (jumper selectable). Lighting is ensured by a 24-LED pyramide (8 LED on each face).

    Traffic Lights

    The LED traffic lights reduce energy costs and have a longer average life of the lamps. Instead of the traditional light bulb, in the traffic light there is a disc with LED lamps with a lower energy consumption and lower maintenance costs to up to 80{d43679581cd9b622a73f09ffea048af63eaef916e09afa73c538b39213e91812} with an average life 10 times higher than that of a normal lamp. The LED lamp has a monochromatic beam of light which is deeper and brighter than that of a normal bunch filament lamp. The traffic light with LED lamp is safer as the LED lamps use a technology with Independent Illuminating Elements; this means that even if one of the lamps stops working, the rest of them go on working separately and can be repaired too.