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Automatic Sliding Gate unit

Ditec Sliding Gate Automation

Automatic sliding gates are widely used because their linear movement means that they do not require large operating spaces. Their automation requires flexible geared motors able to cope with various sized gates, different intensities of use, changing environmental situations, whilst always guaranteeing maximum conditions of safety, practicality and reliable operation. An excellent Automatic entrance option.

  • The NeoS¬†range has been designed bearing these principles in mind, and can today be considered the most careful synthesis of the “state of the art”, able to resolve all requirements for private, commercial and industrial use.Gate Accessories: Accessories for sliding gates include: tracks, wheels with ball bearings, guide wheels & gate stops
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NeoS 400 / 600

NeoS Automatic Sliding Gates

Performance and technical spec

Geared motor for frequent duty and built in control board

  • Opening and closing speed up to 25 cm/sec
  • Low consumption and energy saving mode
  • 433 MHz Radio
  • NeoS 400 up to 400kg with virtual encoder ( magnetic limits optional )
  • NeoS 600 up to 600kg with virtual encoder (magnetic limits )

Adjustable opening speed can open at 0.16 or 0.25m/s – which makes this one of the fastest domestic/light commercial motors on the market

NeoS 1000

NeoS Automated Sliding Gates

Designed for commercial applications

  • Opening and closing speed up to 25 cm/sec
  • Low consumption and energy saving mode
  • 433 MHz Radio
  • NeoS 1000 up to 1000kg with virtual encoder ( magnetic limits )


CROSS 18 and CROSS 19

For gates weighing up to 1900Kg

  • Refined design
  • Incorporated control panel with broad range of functions
  • Built in brake
  • Outer casing in weather-resistant ABS
  • 3 different end-of-stroke solutions



Ideal for industrial and public entrances

  • Easy to install
  • Magnetic mechanical stop
  • System enclosed in a sturdy steel cabinet
  • Practical and large front door for easy access to parts
  • Integrated electronic panel
  • Electromechanical actuator for sliding gates weighing up to 3000 kg
  • High speed inverter drive available.

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