Automatic Entrance Safety Lights


Safety & Warning Lights For Your Entrance



Lights 1

Ditec Flashing Light

The Ditec Lamp flashing lights warns when each automation is moving.
Their smart design makes them suitable for any type of modern or traditional frame.

  • Flashing Light 240V with built-in intermittence circuit

  • Lights 2

    Prastel Flashing Light

    FEBO-LED “all in one” flashing light (multi-voltage 12/24/220V) may emit fixed or flashing light (jumper selectable). Lighting is ensured by a 24-LED pyramide (8 LED on each face).

    Lights 3

    Traffic Lights

    The LED traffic lights reduce energy costs and have a longer average life of the lamps. Instead of the traditional light bulb, in the traffic light there is a disc with LED lamps with a lower energy consumption and lower maintenance costs to up to 80{d43679581cd9b622a73f09ffea048af63eaef916e09afa73c538b39213e91812} with an average life 10 times higher than that of a normal lamp. The LED lamp has a monochromatic beam of light which is deeper and brighter than that of a normal bunch filament lamp. The traffic light with LED lamp is safer as the LED lamps use a technology with Independent Illuminating Elements; this means that even if one of the lamps stops working, the rest of them go on working separately and can be repaired too.